O-Chem Carbon Chain Basic Naming

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O-Chem Carbon Chain Basic Naming

Post by yang » Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:10 pm

Based on the amount of carbons you have in your carbon chain. Follow these rules:

1 Carbon - Methine
2 Carbons - Etheine
3 Carbons - Propane
4 Carbons - Butane
5 Carbons - Pentane
6 Carbons - Hexane
7 Carbons - Heptane
8 Carbons - Octane
9 Carbons - Nonene
10 Carbons - Decane

I don't guarantee I spelled it all right but I just post this to remind myself incase I need to look up real quickly cuz I'm horrible with memorizing this stuff.
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